Poetic expressions invaded my dreams in my early childhood. I would awaken with an urgency to write down those words on paper, but poetry was not the only avenue I utilized to express my thoughts and emotions at an early age. As a child, I wrote in my journal daily to discuss the issues I had with other people and my father. Through my 10th grade English class, God showed me I had the capacity to write fictional stories.


In church He showed me I had the capacity to write speeches and speak in front of people about living His word in this world. In my sophomore year in college, a professor gave me the option to write a short story instead of a character analysis to see if I could bring up my grade. The story brought up my grade, and then the professor recommended I do writing as a minor, which I did. I graduated from Spelman in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in writing.


After graduating, I began to volunteer at the Victim Witness Program at the Atlanta Municipal Court where a worker challenged me to write several poems. Over a few days, I wrote several poems discussing life issues that were festering in my spirit. Then, life began to happen and poetry became my traveling companion throughout my spiritual journeys. During this time, I further honed my writing with courses taken through the Long Ridge Writers Group and the Christian Writers Guild and had several poems published in anthologies.


Then, I realized writing is the ministry God has given me to minister His word, to inspire others with my life lessons and to give voice to someone who hasn’t been heard. He has endued me with words to write poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, plays and various types of articles for publications. I was blessed to be editor/writer of my church publication titled LifeLine for several years, to write and direct my first Christmas play titled Divine Intervention back in 2008, to help edit other people’s writings and to have my short story titled “Soul Ties” published in Spoken Magazine in the summer of 2010.


Now, I am still writing poetry. I use poetry to create handmade cards and to give a story to each jewelry piece I design and make. I frame my poetry like artwork throughout my home to keep me inspired. In the coming months, I hope to complete an e-book of poetry to inspire others with words that have inspired me. Finally, I desire to explore other literary genres like playwriting and script writing because I have an imaginative mind that needs to be purged and used.